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5 Tips for Wrinkle Free Travel

Looking your best is important - especially if you are going on a business trip, attending a black tie affair or even vacationing. Traveling wrinkle free is easier than you might think if you follow a few simple tips. Once you’ve mastered them, you can start traveling without worries, so you can focus on what is important. 

Travel Winkle Free with Garment Bag

In a hurry? Here is the 30 second summary...

  1. Avoid materials that wrinkle easily like silk and linen. Better choices include merino wool, nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics.
  2. If you do nothing else, get a garment bag for traveling! Read our tips below on how to pack a garment bag.
  3. Taking time to fold your clothing and pack properly is vital to avoiding wrinkles.
  4. Unpack your clothes promptly when you arrive. If you have a hanging garment bag - simply hang the bag unzipped on arrival.
  5. In case of wrinkles - quickly smooth them out by using steam from a hot bath or shower. Alternatively remember to pack wrinkle release spray.

There are many compelling reasons to travel wrinkle-free. Most people want to look their best while traveling, whether they are going on a business trip or weekend getaway. For example, if you are going to attend a wedding or special event, you want to look your best.

Having wrinkle-free clothes is also essential if you are going on a cruise where you are required to wear formal attire in the dining room. Or, if you are part of a sports team and need your uniform to be crisp.

When you arrive at your destination with wrinkled clothes, you have two options, either spend your valuable time trying to remedy the situation or risk what others will think of you when you show up wearing clothes that look unkempt. Either way, it puts a damper on your trip, no matter your destination.

We recommend using luggage bags like the Prottoni Garment Bag, which is 100% water-resistant and keeps clothing neatly pressed and organized. However, using a high-quality garment bag is only part of the solution. Unless you take your time to properly store and fold your clothes before traveling, you’re bound to run into some wrinkles.

Tips for Wrinkle-Free Travel

Taking a bit of time to prepare before you embark will save you a lot of frustration and help you to have a more enjoyable trip. So, when you get to your destination, you can enjoy yourself instead of spending your valuable time worrying about your clothes.

Prottoni Travel Bag

1. Choose the Right Garments and Fabrics

    Some garments and fabrics are better for travel than others. Silk and linen are two fabrics you want to avoid at all cost. Cotton is also risky. Higher-quality cotton blends might be okay. However, traditional 100 percent cotton is not the best option.

    Better choices include merino wool, nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics that are made to be wrinkle-free. If you are unsure, you can test the material before you travel to see how well the garment holds up after you fold it.

    You should also choose clothing that is easy to keep as flat as possible. Long dresses are difficult to keep straight because they have to be folded. If you can wear a skirt and pair it with a top instead, that is a more appropriate option.

    For men, if you can wear a cardigan sweater made of merino wool that will help you avoid arriving with a wrinkled blazer that is a pain to fix. A cardigan is also a good option because it will cover any wrinkles on your shirt sleeves. 

    2. Use the Best Garment Bag for the Job

    The best way to prevent wrinkles is to avoid folding your clothes. Garment bags are made to keep your clothing straight because they do not require as much folding, if any. However, not all garment bags are the same.

    Traditional Bi-Fold Garment Bags

     Prottoni Grey Garment Bag

    Some of the most practical garment bags are the classic style or bi-fold bags like the Prottoni Garment Bag. This type of bag unzips and unfolds. With the bag open, you secure your clothing into the hanger loops or closures at the top of the bag. When you finish packing, you fold the bag in half one time and zip it. These bags are incredibly effective at preventing wrinkles because there are no hard folds.

    Tri-fold Garment Bags

    Another type of garment bag is the tri-fold bag. These bags follow a similar concept. However, there is an additional fold, which means there is more of a chance of wrinkles. You have to weigh your options before deciding on a trifold bag carefully. Is the smaller size worth the extra effort you will need to put in once you arrive at your destination? 

    Carrying Options

    You also need to decide whether or not you need a rolling bag. The downside to many garment bags is that you have to carry them. So, if you are going on a more extended trip, you might want to bring a rolling suitcase and a garment bag.

    Garment Bag Attached to Rolling Luggage

    The Prottoni Garment Bag with shoulder strap is really helpful if this is your situation because you can attach it to your rolling or wheeled luggage, making it much easier to manage. You also have the option of carrying it over your shoulder if you are going on a shorter trip. 

    3. Packing Properly to Avoid Wrinkles 

    Taking some time to pack correctly is key to avoiding stubborn wrinkles. It does not matter what garments or materials you bring. If you do not take care when packing, you will end up with wrinkled clothes. 

    Packing a Garment Bag

    How to pack a garment bag

    When you are using a hanging garment bag, you want to make sure the bag is full but not overloaded. Having the right amount of garments in the bag will help to prevent wrinkles. If you do not put enough in the garment bag, your clothes will move around, which will cause them to wrinkle in transit. If your luggage is overloaded, you will also get creases in your clothing.

    When you are using a garment bag, place the bag flat on your bed. Then, place each garment carefully inside one at a time. Use flat or thin metal hangers because they take up less space. Insert the hanger in the fabric loop, starting with the bottom one. Using the top loop at the top first will cause you problems for next the hanger. If your bag has straps to keep the clothes in place, make sure they do not compress the garments too much. If they do, they may cause wrinkles.

    Keeping your clothing in dry cleaning bags is also helpful. It provides a layer between garments that prevents friction in your suit travel bag. Reducing the friction helps to eliminate wrinkles. You should also make sure that all garments are buttoned or zipped up completely.

    When you finish placing your garments in the bag, fold the side with the hangers over the other side. If you fold your bag from the bottom up, the bottom of the garments will bunch up. 

    Packing in a Duffle Bag or Suitcase

    If you plan on using a duffle bag or suitcase instead of a dress bag to back your belongings, you will need to do a bit more planning and preparation. However, the rolling method does help to reduce the number of wrinkles your clothes have when you arrive.

    To properly roll your clothes, you need to select a bag that is the right size. You will use something in the center to roll your clothes around. A cosmetic bag can be useful as a centerpiece.

    You will lay your clothes flat one on top of the other before you roll them. Start with the items that are the most likely to wrinkle on the bottom and place all of your other things on top. For example, if you have a dress shirt, you will lay that down first.

    The least likely items to wrinkle will end up being in the middle. After you finish carefully laying all of your clothes in a stack, you will place the cosmetic bag or something else in the center to help keep the shape. Then, you will roll your clothes up around that.

    This method is not perfect, but it is better than traditional folding if you are using a suitcase. If you have too many clothes to fit in one roll, make several. However, the larger the roll, the less likely your items are to wrinkle. 

    4. Handle Your Clothes Promptly When You Arrive

      The way you handle your clothing after you arrive also makes a difference. If you used a garment bag and you are only traveling for a day or two, you do not have to take each piece out. Hanging the bag and unzipping it should suffice. 

      Hanging garment bag

      If you are on a longer journey, take your clothes out of the garment bag and hang each item. If you used a duffle bag or suitcase to pack, immediately hang your garments, especially the garments that are most likely to wrinkle. Just hanging them will help to reduce the number of creases. Plus, it will prevent the items from becoming more wrinkled. When your clothing sits for an extended period of time, the wrinkles are more difficult to remove, and they look a lot worse. 

      5. Remove Any Wrinkles at Your Destination

      If you pack well, use a quality suit carrier, and follow our advice, the chances of you arriving with your clothes looking neat and presentable is high. However, if your garments do get wrinkled in transit, there are some simple things you can do to remove them quickly. 

      Steam Your Garments

      Steam does wonders for removing wrinkles. So, if you arrive and you want to give an outfit a sharp, fresh look, place the garments on a hanger in the bathroom while you take a shower. By the time you finish showering, your garments should look much more presentable.

      Hotel Hanger Solution

      If you travel with a garment bag, you should have hangers to use. If you do not, most hotels have hangers in the closet for you to use while you are there. Some hotels only provide hangers without hooks, though. However, you can use a hair tie or a shoelace to fasten the hangers to the back of the door or the shower rod in the restroom.

      Ironing is Always an Option

      Most hotels provide an iron and even an ironing board in each room. It is not a great way to spend your time when you are on a trip, especially if you are vacationing, but if you need to, you can utilize the iron. If there is not an iron in the room, call the front desk and ask if they have an iron you can use. 

      Use a Blowdryer 

      Believe it or not, a hairdryer is an excellent tool to remove wrinkles. Plus, many people bring a foldable blow dryer in their luggage when they go on a weekend getaway, anyway. And, if you do not have your own blow dryer, there will probably be one in your hotel room.

      Just brush a little water on the garment, then use the dryer to dry the area. You should be able to see the area drying, and as it does, the wrinkle should disappear. The only thing you need to worry about is not getting too close to synthetic fabrics. However, you can check the label to see if the garment requires low heat.

      Using a blow dryer to remove wrinkles is also usually safer than using the hotel iron you are unfamiliar with on your delicate fabrics. Because the last thing you want to do is cover a wrinkle with an iron mark. 

      Use a Portable Steamer

      If you travel frequently, you might want to consider purchasing a portable steamer. These devices are pretty straightforward to use, and they are excellent at removing wrinkles quickly and safely. Furthermore, you can use a steamer on almost any garment to make sure it is unwrinkled. 

      Use Wrinkle Releasing Spray

      Wrinkle releasing spray is another good option. These sprays help to reduce wrinkles that are not too stubborn. For deep creases, you might have to use steam or the hairdryer in addition to a wrinkle-free spray to help items look incredibly fresh. These products help make wrinkles less noticeable, but they typically do not remove them entirely without a bit of extra help. 

      Final Thoughts

      Wrinkle-free travel is a great way to ensure you enjoy your trip to the fullest without having to do unnecessary work upon arriving at your destination. It takes a bit of effort, but it is well worth your time before you travel.

      Investing in the best garment bag for travel is a perfect way to make your preparation a lot quicker. Your soft-sided garment suitcase will be one of your most effective tools to help keep your clothing crease-free.

      No matter what you are traveling for the other people in your party will appreciate you looking your best. Plus, you will feel more confident while attending special events, and you will impress business associates with your polished appearance.